Our team recently just returned from Haiti and I can say that the news only captures a fraction of the upheaval experienced by Haitian children on the ground.

According to the UN about 300 gangs control an estimated 80% of the capital… And the violence has escalated to the point where the UN is considering a full deployment of troops from Kenya to stabilize the situation.

Amidst this escalating violence in Haiti, Teach Haiti is allowing students to have:

• enhanced security
• food and fuel provisions, and
• providing additional resources for our teachers to help during this unprecedented crisis.

Even in the violence and chaos happening around these students, your support is allowing them to generate change every day. Hear this directly from Kensie, who shares,

“I have been with Teach Haiti since 2013. Teach Haiti is a big family for me. My parents’ financial situation is very hard, as is the situation for many other students at school… Teach Haiti’s opportunities far surpass those of other schools in my community and even the country.”

This is the kind of impact we are having through your generous support at this critical moment of unrest to ensure Teach Haiti can continue to be a ministry of education and hope.

As this crisis escalates, the need for change in Haiti has never been more pressing, and that is what Teach Haiti is doing.

Thank you so much for all you are doing!