Education That

Generates Change

Teach Haiti takes a complete approach to educating the next generation through a holistic curriculum designed to generate transformative change across every aspect of society.

The Teach Haiti Difference

Robust academics.
An emphasis on parental involvement.
Initiatives that impact the community.
Vocational training.
Character development grounded in a biblical worldview.

And you!

That’s the Teach Haiti difference empowering a generation of children to transform their nation.

The Complete Education Model

Academic Excellence

School curriculum in Haiti typically only includes core subjects such as Math, Science, and English. Teach Haiti believes children deserve more. That’s why in addition to core subjects, students also participate in Music, Art, and other studies that elevate their minds as well as their quality of life . . . because emerging from poverty is just the beginning!

Teach Haiti students regularly score 10-20% higher on standardized tests than the national average.

Spiritual Development

Academic excellence may empower students to emerge from poverty, but only the Gospel can empower transformed lives capable of restoring a nation. This is why a biblical worldview informs every aspect of Teach Haiti’s Complete Education Model, from the academic curriculum to daily life on campus.

“As I approach the culmination of my high school journey, I reflect on the comfort and salvation I have found in Jesus Christ. Despite not being born into a Christian family, accepting Jesus as my personal Savior has been life-changing. My experiences serve as a testimony to my family and peers, filling me with pride. Engaging in devotional prayers at Teach Haiti has been a cornerstone of my spiritual growth, shaping my character and fortifying my faith. As I prepare to graduate, I remain grateful for the transformative influence of God and Teach Haiti in my life.”
—Guestie Cosma, Student, Grade 12

career training

Teach Haiti empowers students to develop real-world vocational skills in conjunction with their education. In a nation where more than half of the labor force do not have formal jobs, this opportunity provides a lifeline to employment, further education, and hope.

Our students receive hands-on experience raising livestock and cultivating crops, which also provide each campus with a sustainable food and income source. Additionally, through partnership with Espwa Pou Lavi Timoun yo (ELT), a program designed to develop children into professional artists, students study painting, wood carving, sculpting, crochet, and knitting.

To culminate their career development, graduating students spend their final year focused on vocational training for their future. This approach not only equips them with theoretical understanding but also empowers them with hands-on experience, enhancing their employability and readiness to change Haiti.

leadership coaching

A nation’s transformation depends on the personal integrity of its leaders. The students of Teach Haiti don’t simply develop academically; they grow personally through character-development curriculum and opportunities woven throughout their time on campus. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Daily Chapels, entirely student-led and produced
  • Interact Club, a youth leadership program with the model “Service above Self”
  • Deep Impact Community, an initiative that invests in training community leaders
  • Haitian Ruby Project, advocates for a clean and sustainable environment

cultural influence

Teach Haiti encourages students to take ownership of their futures as they endeavor to be part of the solution to widespread poverty in the nation. This includes agricultural, economic, cultural, and environmental initiatives including:

  • Solar Energy Programs
  • Jewelry Making
  • Artist Development
  • Livestock and Agriculture
  • Nutrition

Why Parents?

Parental involvement plays a vital role in student success. It communicates to a child that their future matters. It says to a community that families matter. And it tells a nation that the next generation matters.

Parents at Teach Haiti spend two hours a week on campus helping to prepare meals, tend the garden, clean facilities, provide maintenance, and assist teachers. This fosters a dynamic support system in which students thrive.